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CIA Security has 27 years experience in the electronic security industry. We supply/install service and repair CCTV, Intercoms and Alarms to residential, commercial and retail premises. Our aim is to not only to install systems but to provide a quality ongoing service to all of our customers.

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CIA Commercial and Retail security

So why secure items you sell and have no sentimental value.

Basically because without a security system, insurance premiums are so high and replacing stock after an intrusion could take days if not weeks and so business stops.

Also by having a security system monitored you can keep a check on what time your premises is open and closed as the system will send reports to a monitoring centre which will alert you if any activity is done outside of your working day, the monitoring center will alert keyholders of activations, such as which device has been triggered and will alert the police if multiply devices are activating as someone is walking around your premises.

While keyholders/police are on there way the sirens will be activating and can cause an intruder to vacate the premises.

All our systems have the facility of having multiple users so you can keep a track on who is setting/unsetting the system, and delete an individual user code if an employee leaves.

CIA Security recommends the Hills Voice Voice Nav code pad on all alarm installations, they are user friendly but have so many features to mention but it’s main advantage is that it will tell you using it’s built in speaker what has been activated, what time the alarm was set/unset and by whom and basically a full diagnostics of the system, this a huge benefit as there is no need to use a manual as you are prompted what to do as soon as the menu button is pressed.

All commercial and retail premises are as different as your needs so CIA Security will advise you on what types of security is available and what will work with the way you run your business.