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CIA Security has 27 years experience in the electronic security industry. We supply/install service and repair CCTV, Intercoms and Alarms to residential, commercial and retail premises. Our aim is to not only to install systems but to provide a quality ongoing service to all of our customers.

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CIA CCTV & Intercoms

Closed Circuit Television and Intercoms.
Closed Circuit Television known as CCT.V

This is a form of security that has recently become part of life in the Commercial, Industrial, retail and now residential areas.

As you may have heard most peoples description of an intruder, shoplifter or someone causing a nuisance can change from one person to another which does not help the police in apprehending a suspect but with video evidence the responsibility is taken away from the public and gives the police and courts more evidence and possible conviction.

With everyone wanting brand names retail CCT.V is as common as stock on the shelves, everyone is aware that those cameras are there for one reason and that is to video criminals, the quality of the recording equipment and cameras have advanced so much over the last few years and criminals know this, gone were the days when you could not make out the colours of clothing let alone facial features, the police are first to admit that with video evidence there is a much higher chance of a conviction in court.

Also graffiti and general damage to property is a major problem and trying to catch this people at the time is impossible as it is normally done when the premises is closed, CCTV is a good form of security as it not only records but gives a visual form of security


Why do we want them?

Basically so we can indentify who is at the entrance to either a home or office, before opening a door. It could be as innocent as a cold call salesman or possibly an individual who wants to gain access, either way you can choose to answer the door by speaking to the person or basically ignoring them if you go for a video intercom and not an audio system.

CIA Security recommend a Video intercom with the capability of recording everytime the external call station is pressed.

All commercial and retail premises are as different as your needs so CIA Security will advise you on what types of CCT.V and intercoms are available and what will work with the way you run your home or business.