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CIA Security has 27 years experience in the electronic security industry. We supply/install service and repair CCTV, Intercoms and Alarms to residential, commercial and retail premises. Our aim is to not only to install systems but to provide a quality ongoing service to all of our customers.

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CIA Residential Security

We are told on a daily basis that home invasions are on the increase, either on the television, internet or newspapers.

If you are searching for security systems you feel that you are concerned for your families safety whilst in the home or you have items of value and would like to deterre intruders from stealing them.

So how do you go about doing this?

Roller shutters on ALL windows as it would be strange only to do half the property is an option, but due to the cost of these and the asthetics of metal shutters on your windows it is not becoming owners first choice

A dog is another option but unless the dog is inside the house they are not really a great deterant, how many dogs do we hear in back gardens and generally ignore them.

So electronic security is what most people are going for, it is inexspensive compare to shutters, it is less hassle cleaning up after a dog after being out at work all day and no matter what you hear an alarm is a great deterant.

The cliché that neighbours ignore alarms is a thing of the past, false alarms are rare now days, with technology improving and owners being taught how to avoid false alarms activating, generally alarms only trigger if an intruder is detected, I am not saying that neighbours will start patrolling your home but if your alarm activates then I would like to think that peoples eyes are on your property taking details of strange vehicles, persons walking around etc.

Intruders knowing this may convince them that your property is better left alone and they may consider a house with less security.

CIA Security will advise you on what types of security is available and what will work with the way you live at home.